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Welcome to Never Naptime, the land of the tired caretakers who try to get as much done as possible while the little ones are napping. I am a stay-at-home mom with a beautiful baby girl and two crazy dogs. I will be posting crafts, recipes (yes both of these are mainly from Pinterest), shopping trips with coupon alerts, and anything else that I find interesting. Happy browsing. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments.
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I am in the process of trying to get our old iPhone 3 set up for our toddler. I got the protective case for it and everything. Now I just have to find some apps. I did not realize how tricky this was going to be. Everything seems to need at least iOS 4.3. Ahhh! It is real frustrating trying to go through the app store. I also found some lists online, but those must be old. Do you know of any apps that will work with iOS 4.2.1? 

For those in the same boat, here is what I downloaded so far: 

  • Tap n Fun - Pop bubbles and they refill
  • Where’s Puppy Nose (Fisher Price)- Goes through body parts with fun music and animation
  • Wacky Safari free- Mix and Match, Wacky phone, Laugh and Learn. Learn about animals. It is a silly app, but may keep her amused.
  • PBS kids - We use it on my phone and she loves watching the little clips of videos

Thanks! I will update when I find good ones.

What apps do you like??